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Bullitan Board





Vimto arrived at Midnight Sun Ranch on May 2, 2008.  We have only just met him, but we are already in love with his goofy "horsenality" and kind nature.  From the first moment we saw him, we knew he was the horse for us.  His kind look and unique jagged coat pattern made us look deeper and discover his loving nature and happy attitude.  His bloodlines are rare as his sire is no longer alive.  Vimto comes from the best Vines breeding and looks strikingly similar to his grandsire, the Lottery Horse.


Keep checking back for updates as we do more with this incredible little horse!

First day with the herd

Photo Gallery


This pedigree is as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee the information as traditionally gypsies do not document linage, it is just passed on by word of mouth.

Future Offspring

We are excited to have Vimto as our new herd sire!  He is a very promising young horse, and his first foal crop will be on the ground starting May 2009. We are not currently offering outside breedings at this time, but please contact us if you would like to breed your mare to Vimto in the future!  These are the foals we are expecting next year:






These will be Zaira and Lili's first foals, as well as Vimto's, so we are extra excited!  Please contact us if you are interested in owning one of these foals, as they are sure to be in demand!




Vimto is currently not registered with any associations or registries.


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